Hey everyone,

Thanks for stopping by! I've decided to introduce Pimp Perks for a few reasons and I'd like to tell you them. As you may know, Pimp My Setup requires a lot of work every week in order to produce an episode. From finding a special guest, scheduling a time, compiling setups, setting up the stream layouts, hosting, producing, keeping track of the ratings, monitoring the chat, editing, uploading... the list goes on. I currently make close to nothing from YouTube ads, which is fine since I absolutely love everything about doing the show, it's just hard to maintain. I always receive the question "Why don't you get sponsors?" and to be honest I've turned down multiple sponsorship opportunities because I am not a fan of the service/company and the last thing I want to do is accept money to promote a brand I'm not a supporter of myself. On top of that, it's hard getting a company to sponsor such a small show. They underestimate the power of our community and look solely at our numbers which is a poor way to decide considering how active you guys are!

This is why I've decided to launch Pimp Perks. It's a simple way to support the show and receive perks for doing so. Whether you can support the show with a $5 monthly subscription or a purchase of a FastPass or even just utilizing our free version - you are helping me out more than you can imagine. I'll get more into the different options in a bit!

Another major reason I've decided to introduce Pimp Perks is due to the large queue of setups I currently have sitting in my email. I believe if you were to submit your setup today you'd have to wait more than one year or so to get featured on the show. There is currently a new queue system/web interface being developed and once it is finished I will be filtering through submissions, making the queue visible to all so you know your placement and for those who do not make it in will receive an email explaining what needs to be fixed. More on that to come soon but for now, back to Pimp Perks. Due to insanely popular demand, I've decided to move forward with the Pimp My Setup: FastPass. It's a brand new queue for those who purchase a FastPass. This will get you on the show within the next couple of episodes. In the beginning, you should be able to get on almost instantly. I know this scares a lot of people because they think it will take even longer for them to get on the show now but no worries. Just because someone purchases a FastPass doesn't mean that I won't take submissions from the original queue. Depending on the amount of people in the FP line, I'll take something like 3 setups for every FP setup.

So, what are these "Pimp Perks" I keep referring to? To put it simply, it's a monthly subscription of $5 that gives you access to exclusive perks. The perks are currently as followed:

  • Access to full live, un-cut streams after the episode goes off air
  • Voiced on our IRC network where we talk setups in real time, 24/7
  • Invites to Hangouts hosted twice per month
  • Invite to private Pimp My Setup Facebook group
  • + More to come soon

If you have other ideas for perks I should include, let me know! I do plan on adding more down the road and if I do, you will receive them at no extra cost. I almost thought about a $10/month subscription, etc. but for now I think this is a good start.

To wrap up with this post, I'm going to fill you in on two more options. First, you can purchase a signed poster for $15 if you are in the US. At this current time, it's not available but stay tuned to our Twitter to know when it's out. Lastly, due to popular demand I will be offering 30 minute setup consultations for $50. This will be a private hangout between you and I where you can ask me anything and everything about your setup, get tips, tricks, feedback and much more as to what you should do and so on. It's basically a 30 minute conversation about your setup!

If you're interested in a free or paid Pimp Perks subscription, check out the sign up links in the sidebar. If you're interested in a FastPass, signed poster or setup consultation, check out the link in the sidebar as well.

I appreciate everyone's absolutely overwhelming support lately - it's amazing and I can't thank you enough! Nothing at all will change with the show, which is how these sort of things should work. Supporting via Pimp Perks is simply an option for those interested, no one will be treated differently. I look forward to the future.

Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Matt Philie